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Concrit post!

Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is on, so I think that about covers it.

... I'd turn off IP logging if I knew how. IP logging is off, thanks Yukari!


May. 12th, 2009

[witness Lloyd and his giant green pony dog rushing around Asch's cabin and select part of camps, scrambling to pack up Lloyd's things on Noishe's back]

C'mon boy, quit squirming or we'll be late!

(( Open forever + 1 ))


[IC; Locked to Genis, Asch, and Raine]

... Hey, uh, Professor? There's a box out here for you.


Kratos vs Failing as a dad, Round Two

[tiny!Lloyd is currently outside Asch's cabin, swinging his sword at a tree trunk]


[IC, Locked to Genis]

[ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF CAMP trudges our, uh, mighty hero. And his pet dog the size of a horse.]


... Sheesh, where'd she wander off to by herself.


A couple of end-game spoilers here.

Name: Lloyd Irving
Age: 17
Birthday: ??
Height: 5'8" / 173 cm
Weight: 128 lbs / 58 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Blood Type: Unknown
Medical info: Healthy like ox! Raine's probably done a good job of keeping him and Genis from acquiring too many scars, but she's probably missed the few that Lloyd was too embarrassed to tell her about due to the stupid antics he got into to get them.

Physical traits: Exsphere! Lloyd's got his on his left hand, but it looks more like it's embedded in his gloves than his actual hand, given how often he wears them. Also, this isn't explicitly spelled out in the game, but Lloyd's got, at the very least, angel genes in him, if not being full-out half angel. At the end of the game, his exsphere reacts and gives him wings! He can't pull them in and out like Colette, but they're there! So other than mildly pinging like an angel, is a pretty regular country bumpkin.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him: Uhhh, anything! Lloyd'll be taken from post-game, so there is little need to worry about spoilers.

Abilities: Swordsman/tank represent! Lloyd's one of the main melee fighters of the party in Symphonia and uses two swords for DOUBLE ZE POWA. His actual swordsmanship is a little sloppy still because he's home-trained, but Kratos gave him a few lessons throughout the game to sharpen up his skills. Still a little messy at times, but damn good enough to put up a good fight.

Note for the Psychics: There's... not a lot going on up there. Lloyd isn't the type of person to really keep his thoughts to himself so everything that's going on in his head is coming out of his mouth.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: TOTALLY COOL he will just get twitchy/blush/NOT UNDERSTAND AT ALL WHY YOU ARE TOUCHING HIM etc etc.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/etc?: GO FOR IT.

Maim/Murder/Death: I am cool with it, just make sure that we have communication first?

Cooking:Lloyd is not the best cook in the world, but he is pretty decent, with a specialty in meat-related foods! MAKES THE BEST MEAT STEW TAKE THAT GENIS.




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